Corporate Packages


At MATE Bike UK we're passionate about transforming educational campuses into more cycle centric places to live and learn.

No more waiting for buses and trains! Staff and students will be able to travel with ease between classes and campuses whilst also making it home without having to deal with congested public transport any more!

At MATE Bike UK we are able to offer a self funding rental system on campus as well as a finance plan for your institute to own its own fleet of MATE Bikes!


Visualise your workplace with its very own personalised fleet of e-bikes! MATE Bike UK are passionate about making the working day just that little bit more enjoyable and eco-friendly!

We really believe the concept of taking your very own MATE Bike for nearby meetings, lunch trips or even for a lunch time cycle to increase cognitive ability; really exciting, don't you think?!

We at MATE Bike UK will also support your organisation by offering a special deal for your employees or a finance plan to encourage them to join the #5mileclub!


The UK is ready for a change! Imagine being able to get around your city without feeling like a sardine packed into a bus or train or without being charged extortionate prices for a short taxi ride!

This could all be a reality with your very own MATE Bike, aside from its practical benefits through using our MATE Bike as your main form of transport you will also be doing your part in the fight against climate change and more sustainable living!


At MATE Bike UK we believe that the customer experience is of paramount imporance, and we believe that wether you own a hotel or a BnB, your customers matter to you!

So why not give them the opportunity to hop onto one of your very own MATE Bikes to explore your local surroundings with speed, flexibility and freedom!

With your own fleet of MATE Bikes your guests are sure to come back again and again!

Benefits for our MATE partners

Rental system: We will help you to set up a self funding rental system.

Corporate packages and discounts: We offer special deals for orders above 10 bikes and also offer special discounts for your employees or students.

Finance plan: We offer a finance plan for your employees or students to own their MATE.

Technical support: We will provide chargers and the support system for order above 20 bikes.

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